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I would like to thank all friends, supporters, and partners of the Trinidad & Tobago Music Library and Jukebox TT. You believed in the idea of literally writing down music history and now it is published.

There is a multitude of talented individuals that deserve a look at. Without conversations, interviews and the sharing of contacts, this would not be possible. And thanks to the world for watching this project grow.

An acknowledgment to music magazines, newspapers, authors, and private people that provide constantly information to me. I also like to thank all those involved in the publishing and distributing of music digitally. It is amazing to me how many have an interest in the growth of music from Trinidad and Tobago on a global scale.

As well, a huge thank you to all photographers, especially Michael Galofré, Maria Nunes, Rajiv Samaroo, and Stefan Falke, for capturing beautiful moments forever and for visitors of this platform to see. And of course, chapeau to all musicians contributing your creative work and discographies. A very special thanks to Alvin Daniell for sharing on his youtube account insightful program episodes on his „calypso showcase“, a local TV show out of the 1990s. 

Without the chance to discover music on the internet, I would never be able to find my little purpose and passion. Maybe somehow you are feeling the same?

So thanks to all music websites, podcasts, blogs, forums, YouTube channels and pages, and of course a huge thanks to social media with its Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Soundcloud, Whatsapp, and other amazing opportunities to communicate with each other on a worldwide scale.

In case of research, I have to thank everybody for contributing to Wikipedia, Discogs, and as well as the makers of the pages Calypsography, TNTisland, Best of Trinidad, Sokah2Soca, Music TT, Caribbean History Archives, Caribbean Beat Magazine, Buzz TT, Inns & Outs TT and the incredible dictionary written by John Mendes named Coté-ci Coté-là.

The Canadian researcher and ethnomusicologist, Jocelyne Guilbault, inspired me to dive deeper into music history. I bought her book „The Governing Sound“ on my first journey to Trinidad in 2015 and read it maybe five times.

A special thanks to my family, including my mom, which always expects the best, and a very special shout out to Trackstyles, Luciano, and Amadou for their helping hands, honest advice, and encouragement.

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