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DJ Mika Raguaa - Professional DJ & Multimedia Designer

Hello, good day!

Nice to have you here! My name is Mika and I live in Trinidad & Tobago.

I have been developing this virtual music archive, simply trying to be a positive influence on the growth and popularity of music from 'Sweet T&T'. For decades I am collecting and mixing music and eventually, my passion allowed me to turn into an international DJ with all attributes to entertain.
At two different universities in Germany I have been studying media and communication and learned how to research as well as video production, digital art, and web design. My approach is to create "social media" and encourage with positive and inspiring information.
Most importantly, I am a creative soul with a high sensibility for precious things from earlier days and a boundless curiosity. This deep inner desire to learn and explore results in my passion for music, its cativating development and history, and also its influence on media and society.
Have a great time exploring the platform and allow me to go ahead and introduce it to you.
First of all: This page is a „work in progress“ from the minute it is up on the internet. It was created out of a labor of love for the culture and origin of the small twin island Trinidad and Tobago. It is just a framework of what can be done concerning diversity and creative expression documented. So this is my try to preserve and recover music history virtually.

Photos by Maria Nunes, Stefan Falke & others

You can consider this country a „calaloo“ in the sense of a rich fusion of traditions and cultures with Latin, African, Asian, and also European roots.
It is the central purpose of the virtual music archive to source, contextualize and document information about the backgrounds and releases of musicians of Trinbagonian origin. It would be fantastic to grow their audience.

Steel pan music can only exist because of its origin here. Nowadays high-scale orchestras have been formed all over the world, but let us take a look back at the roots and its invention, as well as at the earlier pioneers.
The national instrument (since 1992) is carrying a fascinating story, as well as those who are involved, like in so-called „pan yards“, or as performers at the annual superlative „Panorama“ event in Port of Spain, the capital city.

While speaking about Trinidad and Tobago, I have to mention the beautiful and crafty culture of carnival, which is usually celebrated around February each year across the whole island in colorful events as well as small and big parades with music trucks and live musicians. The so-called „mas makers“ spend a whole year time in the creation of a costume theme from concept to completion as a glittering (sometimes even) multi-dimensional masterpiece.

The so-called "Road March" is an important title as musicians to carry. Each year one song is chosen to be the most played on the streets. There are a lot of inspiring and nurturing stories to share.
"Thank you for being here"
DJ Mika Raguaa - Professional DJ & Multimedia Designer
DJ & Researcher


Trinidad: 4828 sq km (1864 sq miles)
Tobago: 300 sq km (116 sq miles)
Approximately around 1,9 Million

Port of Spain

African, Indian, Latin American, Syrian, European, Chinese, Indigenous and mixed

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are the most southern in the Caribbean chain of islands. The country is a part of the West Indies. Trinidad is separated from Venezuela (in South America) by the Gulf of Paria.
Before the arrival of the Spanish colonialists, the native tribe of Carib called Trinidad the „Land of the Hummingbird“. Christopher Columbus named Trinidad after „the Trinity“, the three peak mountains in the southeast of the island.
There are a variety of landscapes like mountains, rainforests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, savannah, coastline, and mangrove swamps. They are homes of beautiful butterflies, magnificent birds and a lot of other animals.


Down Memory Lane

There is a hidden treasure of significant sounds, songs, and rhythms that I like to showcase in its beauty and musical diversity. Unfortunately, a lot of gems are forgotten along the road of progress.

Let's bring it back to memory.

In my research, through interviews and a lot of conversations I was able to locate a lot of information but I also found out that a lot of songs are very hard to get and some are seldom heard on local TV or radio.
vinyl records
There are barely any record shops again and besides the pirate music market, original records, cassettes, and CDs of the origins of soca and calypso are hard to get. There is barely a chance to restore records, once they are in bad physical shape.
record player - vinyl
To preserve the loss of musical heritage this website operates like a virtual library. I am thankful for any help that I can get. Even the booklet (or backside of the record) can include information that can be essential to a musician's biography from today's point of view.
On this music discovery, you will cross different music genres including traditional chutney in it its own beauty with its specific tones and harmonies. You will also be able to learn about their musical background, their first steps in the industry, and their final breakthrough.
Eventually, it may encourage you to dive deeper into the creative work of the recommended music band or any other performer.
In articles about the historical development of music genres, you will be literally able to see how history is written down. Each article is a “work in progress” and sometimes needs some more information to be included while the archive is rising in displayed talents. Every article is focusing on different aspects related to history. For example, the soca genre is aligned with the history of carnival. The calypso history is aligned with the history of music recording and political changes, while rapso, which is more aligned to the "black history".
Here are a few articles about different music genres:


Calypso Rose




Chutney Artist GI - Chutney Soca Monarch - by Loop TT




Rapso - Brother Resistance - by Sean Drakes




Carnival Tuesday by Miquel Galofre


In articles about the instruments used in the music of Trinidad and Tobago, you will get an insight into which instruments are used and why, and how they influenced music releases and changed in time.
About Instruments of Trinidad & Tobago

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Renegades Steel Orchestra by Maria Nunes
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Laventille Rhythm Section - Snapshot Pavement Lime
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String Instruments - Duke of Iron - Wild Indian - Snapshot
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Harmonium & Hand Drum
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Los Parrandores de Uwi - Parang Band - by Triniview
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Every musician tells an individual story

Discover Newcomers & Icons

On this page, I am sharing my knowledge piece by piece with the purpose of highlighting, inventorying, and accessing the musical heritage in all its colorful diversity. I will only present the best of what I could find, providing meaningful and reliable information.
calypso rose and band - deezer music
drummer - Bob Marley
Each musician or band of any genre will be featured with one artist profile respectfully, serving you information about everything you need to know, with additional photos, videos, and song examples. I will try my best to present the musicians as insightful and appealing to the younger generation, as same as easy to read for older generations.

your personal Sound Experience

hearing music - rihanna enjoying herself
Additionally, as a gift, you can download one song from each featured musician on your phone or computer for free. With every visit to this page, you will be able to discover more and more songs.
You will be able to listen to the music also once you are on the website, but be careful - once you leave the page, also the music will be gone.
One of the aims of this project is to present the music in a modern style and make it available and interesting to watch for the younger generations. It is a deep aspiration that I would love to involve young people in this project in the long term. Any musician or band is respectfully welcomed to be represented as a part of the legacy independently.
For every profile released on this page there will be one song added to the playlist of the music player - from jazz to reggae, from traditional Indian chutney to parang, powerful rapso vibes and even some gospel.
Of course you will be able to listen to vibrant soca rhythms, reminding you on carnival and the magnificent kaiso legacy. In the 70s calypso was fused with soca and calypso. Incredible music was created in this decade. Can't wait to show you, what I call "calypsoul". There are several alternative rock bands, acoustic performers and as well music combined with poetry. There is a lot to discover, even for myself (and after such a long time), so make sure you follow this journey. If you are already amazed by the idea, there are ways of supporting this project.
hearing music - irresistable movement

Crossing Cultures

Creative inventors & musical innovators


After a little while, you will be able to hear the difference between Afro- or Indian-originated songs. The reason for this is different instrumental arrangements with tassa, djembe or tabla drums, scratcher, chac chac, maracas, and many other instruments. The steel pan transformed from a simple oil barrel into an instrument with a quite recognizable soft sound.
Mungal Patasar & his Sitar
Mungal Patasar on his Sitar
Sometimes just a bottle and a spoon are needed to form a so-called "rhythm section" to accompany a beat. The sound of whistles is common in soca road mixes, while the sound of the harmonium and the dholak are important for chutney music.

Did you know that the steel pan is not the only instrument that was invented in Trinidad and Tobago?


The music is mostly English-speaking but you will be able to hear a unique lingo in the way of “creole” pronunciation and vocation. It has also its own words and grammar. The Trinidadian accent is standing out and even I took over a lot of the local slang after spending so much time on the island. There are also musicians contributing in their lyrics in Spanish, French Creole as well as Sanskrit or Hindi (languages spoken in India).
Black Stalin
Sally Sallagram - Getty Images
Sally Sallagram
The lyrics are often a reflection of the diverse history and its cosmopolitan culture. You will be literally taken on Carnival journeys, told of relationships or romances, of course, hear ways of flirting, and get taught intense dance lessons, where you will learn how to „wine“.

Sometimes you will hear lyrics with two meanings, sometimes there will be humorist or political content. You will be surprised about provoking "calypsoes" that speak of subjects of today as well as touch on history. But if you allow, you will be lifted up again by incredible arrangements of instrumentalists of past times.
steel pan - vintage - motion pictures
steel pan - vintage - motion pictures
steel pan - vintage - motion pictures

A virtual walk through time

The Timeline


The timeline combines music and the historical context interactively. It is my try to simplify music history and display it in relation to the history of media, publishing, and music distribution. Important dates and achievements of the musicians will be added to the progress of this page.
Lord Kitchener (second from left) at a Melodisc recording session. London, 1953 - Photograph by Val Wilmer
As a historical reference for the heritage of the music of Trinidad and Tobago, the narrative begins in the 1920s, when the first calypsoes were recorded, following strands of musical lineage from the beginning. You will be able to follow along the years.
The timeline ends with the present. Over 100 years of music will be documented on this page. The music was first released as vinyl records, later cassettes were the thing until audio CDs took over. Also for the promotion of music different channels became available for musicians to use.
cassette vintage - clasic art
Record - Maestro
Nowadays music streaming describes the most important source of income for musicians, besides live performances. Platforms like Spotify, Deezer, and Itunes became essential for sales. The influence and increase of social media will also be displayed, as it also plays a role in a music career.
Over the last 60 years, there has also been an adaptation to „Western“ music like pop, rock, and hip hop which you also will be able to hear and see in this archive. The colors of creative expression are limitless.


Jukebox TT is a music blog, where I am able to jump out of the box and share personal favorites in published documentaries and interviews. I will contribute by writing reviews of music releases and past and present events as well as virtual concerts. The blog gives me the chance to share further information and international achievements. I am planning a podcast also. So stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter to get informed about the first episodes and the progress of this page.

The Jukebox contains the "Countdown For Carnival" where I will going review and announce some music-related events for you. It's going to be nice! I can't wait! Each article will be possible to be shared on social media, and your feedback will be awaited in the comment section. I will highly appreciate your engagement.
Over time a lot of musicians left the twin island and spread their culture to the world in a remarkable way! As I found out, a lot of Trinbagonians themselves often do not know much about what their "Trini brothers and sisters" achieved.

Let's scrape the surface of some sensations of the diaspora of Trini-born musicians who are “repping internationally” in a separate section. You will be surprised! The talent originating from Trinidad and Tobago is something important to note and embrace on a worldwide scale, as I believe.
jukebox - Mechanism - by working title
The music player will also highlight a re-imagined Jukebox, which was also in Trinidad & Tobago something quite essential in the 1950s. A record was chosen mechanically after you were throwing some coins into the machine.

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Music Heritage & Diaspora

Blazing Trails


First and foremost, this platform is truly dedicated to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to provide an independent space to discover music and present with honor to all involved in the process of making music and distribution. Still, this page aims to achieve a worldwide audience, which I am monitoring since its launch.
I am trying to seek out musical innovators with one eye on the past and one eye on the future. The virtual archive is for both, the curious and the connoisseur. I would like to address those who have little knowledge, and also those who are connected to the culture. Any teacher is invited to share this collection with their students.
Snapshot of Record - Music of Trinidad - National Geographic Society
Composers, arrangers, songwriters, singers, and bands are of course very welcomed to contribute their knowledge and seek inspiration or even collaboration partners. Also, producers and DJs are welcome to get into the variety of music for sampling and remixing purposes. Podcasters and radio stations are invited to find content to speak about in their shows. Maybe this collection will also be interesting for historians, musicologists, cultural institutions, and other media makers. Feel free to get in touch with me for interviews and workshops.
Machel Montano
Let's build bridges & exchange
Of course, I am inviting the African continent and India to see, why it is quite interesting to know Trinidad and Tobago and its music.

africa - j cole
You will be surprised about the closeness to your cultures and traditions. Due to historical information the most slaves have been brought from Ghana and Nigeria, so also these are your ancestors. I am highly impressed by the quality and promotion of the so-called afrobeats and play it a lot in my selections, and yes also here people love your music. Since you might already know a few afro soca tunes, dive in deeper.
indian ladies applause - bollywood
Visitors to India are invited to find out more about what how happened when Indian music reached Trinidad and Tobago and well on how it inspired the music of the twin island. You will be amazed.
A big shout out also to visitors from Latin America. Venezuela is the closest country, and also here a lot of cultural adaptions can be found in music (especially in parang).

Together we can spread the culture
My strong dedication to this country results in the love I have for this unique melting pot of cultures. While the twin island is currently experiencing a strong disruption economically, it is very important to stand behind what you love and create a way to support society. I am sending a keen shout-out to the Trinbagonian diaspora to have an eye on your beloved home country. I believe it is important to carry out the culture to the world, but at the same time, it is needed to cause a little progress for society locally. Just consider how much more knowledge you now carry, after being "foreign" for so long. Please, at least try to bring something back home. Anyhow!
hummingbird - fine weddings
Music touches our emotions and influences our actions. It is something to cherish and share. Feel free to do so. It makes fun to explore it together with friends or family. Lean back and enjoy the insightful content of this page. Have a great journey spending your precious time on it. I took mine to create this for you, with all my skills and knowledge. Again … This page is a „work in progress“, so feel free to check it out at any time, since I will try to add to it as often as possible.
If it is provoking just one thought, when It comes to discussing music history and its legacy I am more than thankful. There is this keen importance that I feel for cultural exchange and understanding. With your support, I can focus on this project and the publishing of my researched music wonders for you to enjoy. Thank you for being around and taking your time in reading all of this! Hope you enjoyed my little introduction. I am looking forward to endless possibilities of musical partnership. Long live Kaiso!
DJ Mika Raguaa - Professional DJ & Multimedia Designer
DJ & Researcher


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In this section, you can see all featured artists in well-researched and respectfully presented profiles with music examples from their music careers:

Wall of Fame 

Singers, Bands & Instrumentalists

Various Jazz & Steel / Panjazz Musicians


THE ROARING LION – courtesy by David Corio (1990)

Roaring Lion

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