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Wow! It has been a good while since I was able to write again for this music blog. I really would like to apologize, but to be honest Christmas in Trinidad is a very busy time for everybody. I hope you don't mind that I tell you about my Christmas experience, a little belated. But, what makes Christmas time here so busy? On the one hand, it's the festive preparation for the celebration days, on the other hand also, many would like to have their home looking fantastic on Christmas, so they decide to paint over their house, or make a proper clean from the inside or even invest in some Christmas lights and decoration of their home. While taking a ride in a maxi taxi or a regular car in the evening time you would be thrilled by the look of bright and colorful blinking Christmas lights in all colors all...


There is some excellent news! The TT Music Library is now officially approved as a research project on the scientific online platform Research Gate, where I will document all steps of the development and the platform's feedback. This gives me also the chance to access studies about sociology, musicology, and cultural history. I am also actively seeking information over Academia, another research platform. On these websites, scientific papers, studies, and documents are getting shared between scholars and educators. I am willing to bring their knowledge closer to you and will include their studies in upcoming articles of the TT Music Library. Also, I have been uploading my first song on the alternative video platform „Odysee“, which operates from Europe. In sense of preserving music history, I have been uploading the 1993 version of Roaring Lion's „Land of Calypso“ on the platform. The version was released on the album „Roaring Loud, Standing...