TT Music Library
Virtual Music Archive of Trinidad & Tobago



There is some excellent news! The TT Music Library is now officially approved as a research project on the scientific online platform Research Gate, where I will document all steps of the development and the platform's feedback. This gives me also the chance to access studies about sociology, musicology, and cultural history. I am also actively seeking information over Academia, another research platform. On these websites, scientific papers, studies, and documents are getting shared between scholars and educators. I am willing to bring their knowledge closer to you and will include their studies in upcoming articles of the TT Music Library. Also, I have been uploading my first song on the alternative video platform „Odysee“, which operates from Europe. In sense of preserving music history, I have been uploading the 1993 version of Roaring Lion's „Land of Calypso“ on the platform. The version was released on the album „Roaring Loud, Standing...